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In my capacity as a certified translator for the English language, duly appointed, commissioned and sworn, I provide certified translations of your documents required for authorities, civil registry offices, courts, universities or consulates. With my signature and stamp I confirm that the translation is a true and accurate representation of the original text.

The best way to contact me is by e-mail (, as I cannot take telephone calls during my lessons and interpreting jobs.

Qualified Translations

    • Certificates such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, certificates of non-impediment, death certificates, residence permits
    • School reports, degrees, diplomas, academic transcripts, job references
    • Decrees such as divorce decrees, pension rights adjustments, pension distributions, maintenance claims, child support/custody orders
    • Licenses to practice medicine, certificates of good standing
    • US Army and German Armed Forces proficiency badges, certificates, LES
    • Affidavits, apostilles
    • Certificates of conduct
    • ID cards, passports and driver’s licenses
    • Technical and medical texts
    • Websites
    • Business texts
    • Other documents, such as CVs, letters, invoices, bank statements, testaments

Interpreting: notice/registration of marriage, name change, acknowledgment of paternity

General Information

In my certification I have to mention in which form the document was submitted to me. Please contact the competent authority to find out what type of translation is required.

Translation from a scan
In certain cases it is sufficient if you send me a scan of your original document (or the certified copy). I will print out this scan, attach it inseparably to the certified translation and send it to you by mail. You do not have to come to me personally.

Translation from the original or a certified copy
If the authorities require the translation to be made on the basis of the original document or the certified copy, you can also e-mail me a scan or a good quality photo of your original document in advance and present the original to me when you pick up your translation. Of course, you can also send me your original by registered mail.

I can also provide you with a Certificate of Accuracy at no charge, if desired.

If the translation does not require certification (websites, correspondence, technical manuals etc.) the documents and the translation can be sent by e-mail.

All documents supplied will be treated confidentially.

How to Scan Documents

Please observe the following when scanning your documents:

  • All texts and stamps must be clearly visible and legible. Please use a high resolution and scan in color.
  • Embossed seals may pose a problem as they are not colored but only raised and therefore not visible in the scan. If your document contains an embossed seal, please let me know the exact position of the seal and its text (embossed seals are easy to feel when you run your fingers over the paper).
  • Please also check the reverse sides of your documents and scan them if necessary. Often there are texts, stamps, handwritten notes or individual letters on the reverse of the documents, all of which must be translated for the sake of completeness.
  • Please check all documents carefully to ensure that they are originals or certified copies, i.e. the signatures must be genuine, not copied.
  • Please make sure that no text is cut off at the edges. American birth certificates are often longer than the German standard paper size.


— VAT forms are accepted —

Translations are usually calculated per standard line (55 characters including spaces). The price per standard line depends on factors such as level of difficulty, format, layout, legibility and deadline and can therefore range from Euro 0.90 to 1.50 plus VAT. The translation of specialized texts (e. g. medical, technical, scientific texts) requires a lot of research and may therefore be more expensive than standard documents.

Please send me a scan of your documents for a free quote. The most frequent standard documents are priced at a budget-friendly flat rate. The minimum order value is Euro 30.- including certification and VAT). For the translation of large documents I can offer you a price reduction.

Customer Voices

This is what my customers say:

“Wir waren mit der Arbeit von Frau Starkmann-Muth sehr zufrieden. Sie lieferte sogar vor vereinbartem Abgabetermin ab. Die Kommunikation lief sehr freundlich und professionell ab. Sehr zu empfehlen!” Oxfam Deutschland Shops gGmbH

“Auf Frau Starkmann-Muth kann man sich im Notfall verlassen!!! Jedes positive Attribut trifft zu und stimmt. Da könnten sich viele Andere eine große Scheibe abschneiden. Danke nochmal Michael Grob”

“Wir sind super zufrieden, Frau Starkmann-Muth kann man nur empfehlen !!! Super freundlich, professionell und schnelle Uebersetzung unserer Dokumente!” Dominika Green

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